Gold Award


The highest award in Girl Scouting

The Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award for Girl Scouts ages 14-17, focuses on leadership, career exploration, challenge for personal growth, and community action.

A girl who has earned the Gold Award can look forward to greater access to college scholarships (through the Girl Scouts of Greater New York as well as through the Girl Scouts of the USA), paid internships and community awards. She can also be nominated for consideration as a recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award Young Woman of Distinction honor from Girl Scouts of the USA.

More than 3,500 Girl Scouts design, implement, and complete Gold Award projects each year.

Girls start by choosing an issue that they care about, and following these 5 steps.

1. Prerequisites:

Fulfilling the pre-requisites starts with completing two Senior or Ambassador Journeys, or having earned the Silver Award and completing one Senior or Ambassador journey.

  • Senior Journeys: GirlTopia. It’s Your World - Change It!;  Sow What? It’s Your Planet - Love It!;  Mission: Sisterhood! It’s Your Story – Tell It! (For currently-scheduled Journey Express Days, click HERE.)
  • Ambassador Journeys: Advocate: It’s Your World - Change It!;  Justice: It’s Your Planet - Love It!; Bliss: Live It! Give It!; It’s Your Story – Tell It!  (For currently-scheduled Journey Express Days, click HERE.)

2. Create a Proposal for the Take Action Project

The Take Action Project should be a minimum of 80 hours. The project should have a lasting impact on their community. Girls complete the Gold Award Project Proposal Form (updated June 2017) . Be sure to fill out the form in its entirety.


3. Mail the Gold Award Take Action Project Proposal

Email projects and reports to Projects are reviewed by our volunteer committee, after which girls receive an approval or addendum letter.

Once we receive the Proposal Form, then the Gold, Silver and Scholarship Committee will review it. If there are any questions, the committee will contact girls directly for an addendum. If not, girls will receive a letter of approval and may start to implement their Take Action Project.


4. Start the Take Action Project

Girls implement an 80-hour (minimum) service project that will have a great impact on their community. Click here to check out some real project ideas by New York City Gold Awardees!

5. Prepare the Final Report for Submission

Girls must complete the GgGold Award Final Report Form (updated June 2017) in its entirety. 

Through this leadership experience, girls will gain specific skills including content knowledge of their cause, develop specific values and discover what they stand for, leading to changes in attitudes and behavior. 

It is important that their final report reflects the person they’ve become through their leadership journey. 

It is paramount, and our committee is requesting, that all Final Reports submissions are presented in a binder, type or neatly legible penmanship (please check proper grammar and spelling), all questions answered in a separate Word document, must have leader or advisor signatures, a tallied time log,  and finally that it contains supporting documentation; pictures, links to websites, blogs and/or screen shots of any social media and copies of flyers/surveys, notes and anything that tell us their story—their accomplishments. 

This is the first leadership portfolio for most girls and it should be presented with pride because it illustrates who they are. 


6. Mail the Gold Award Take Action Final Project and Report

Mail your Gold Award Final Project Report binder to:

Girl Scouts of Greater New York
40 Wall Street, Suite 708
New York, NY 10005 

Projects are reviewed by our volunteer committee, after which girls receive an approval or addendum letter.

To be included in the 2017 Ceremony, projects must have been be submitted by March 1, 2017.

Downloads Available

Upcoming Training Dates:
  • Check back later this fall for upcoming trainings.

For more information on the Gold Award, and for upcoming training dates, contact Marlinda Cesar at 212.645.4000 x216.